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Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Website

Good web design is important as it ensures your users have an easy time navigating your website and may improve your search engine ranking as well. Therefore, you should have both of these in mind when designing your website. A good number of websites suffer from poor search engine ranking because of some common mistakes in their web design. Below are some of the web design mistakes that you can easily avoid.

  1. Failing to include H1 tags on the webpages

H1 tags are very important as they tell search engine crawlers what the site is about. In fact, they are one of the most important elements of SEO. Not including these in your webpages, and especially on the landing page could cost you a lot in terms of search engine ranking. This might be the reason why your well designed website is not ranking highly on search engine results pages. You should include your target keywords or phrases in the H1 tags for the best results.

  1. Using large images and videos

While it is important to use high-quality images and videos on your website, you need to remember that the size of these files affects the speed of your website. If the files are too big, you site’s load speed will be greatly reduced, and this will ultimately affect your site’s ranking. There are tools that have been developed to help you scan your site for files that are too large. You can correct this by compressing or resizing the files.

  1. Overusing popups

Popups are great for getting visitors to your site to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list, but excessive use detracts the user experience, and this is not good for your site’s ranking. You need to have a good strategy that ensures popups only appear after users have accomplished what they wanted from your site.

  1. Including text in images

This is a big mistake because the text included in the image will not be visible to search engine crawlers. Additionally, it is not mobile-responsive, meaning that people using mobile devices to visit your site will not have a good UX. This also hurts your site’s SEO performance.

  1. Infinite scroll

While this is not a mistake, many websites do not use the technique correctly, and this implies that a lot of their content is not considered when ranking them. There are a number of resources online that can help you optimize your pages for search engines if you use infinite scroll.

  1. Having too little content

Do not skimp on webpages; have different pages for different ideas and keywords. Having multiple keywords on one page is not good for search engine ranking as it confuses search engine bots.


SEO is not as difficult as many people think it is. If you get it right from the start and keep working on your site, you are bound to benefit greatly from it. If you have been struggling to achieve or maintain good search engine ranking, the above might be some of the reasons why. Avoid these 6 mistakes when designing your website to improve its ranking.